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ASMAS is revolutionizing social media. It's new and to some, long overdue. Through The Snazzy Awards, social awareness videos, info sessions, and conferences, ASMAS is a membership organization that educates and supports its members, while promoting responsible online engagement. Be a part of something big...become a sponsor! Request an info packet today.

Financial Support

Financial challenges are a reality for any new organization. ASMAS needs financial support to help it grow and sustain. Corporate sponsorship is a win-win, helping ASMAS fund The Snazzy Awards, as well as year-round corporate events and giving the sponsor marketing appeal.

In-Kind Support

Though monetary donations help, it's not all ASMAS needs. Products, equipment, or services can be a significant contribution. Speakers willing to donate time, space to host events, product giveaways for members, are all unique ways to show your support.

Return on Investment


Be the first to align with an organization that's revolutionizing social media. The Snazzys will be the biggest awards show since the Oscars. Will you be part of it?


Be the brand everyone sees at The Snazzy Awards. Become known as a generous sponsor, reach new members of your target audience, and increase sales.

Industry News

Who doesn't want to be in the news for being a part of something revolutionary?