ASMAS as the official social media coverage provider at 2018 Harlem Book Fair.

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The 1st Annual Snazzy Awards 2018 is now closed. Go to "Categories" to view all 2018 winners.

Come back for details, as the 2019 season will be posted soon!

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ASMAS recognizes content that's fun, soulful, spirited, ethnic and uniquely yours! The Snazzy Awards gives creators a platform to be rewarded for their efforts and talent, while promoting responsible social media engagement.

Whether it's podcasts, education, home, activism, memes, comedy, reaction vids, news, etc. If you've liked it, shared it, followed it, or retweeted it, you can VOTE for it...ASMAS has you covered! 


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The Snazzy Awards is open for voting, and ends Nov 15, 2018.
View nominees here: